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Goal of the Week 5/28/2017

As an advocate of journaling, I have been pretty lax in writing entries in my own personal journal during this month of May. Journaling has always been a source of comfort and vacuum for my jumble of thoughts and source of inspiration.  Not having done it has definitely left me with a clogged pipe of thoughts and it’s time to call the plumber and unclog my brain.


“Write an entry into my journal every day this week to dust out the tangled web of thoughts currently fogging my brain.”

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Goal of the Week 5/1/2017

just write

My last two goals consisted of empty promises of writing two posts a week. Obviously, I didn’t keep to them. So this week, I am starting with something extremely simple- going back to the basics- to get the creative juices flowing again.

” Spend 15 minutes every day this week writing, the end result of which will be the Sunday post for this blog. It can be anything, any topic. Just WRITE!”


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Goal of the Week 2/19/2017

There is something quite thrilling about checking things off of your to-do list. Like a mug of hot chocolate on a rainy day brings warmth to your bones, ticking off those to-dos has that same effect on your emotional bones. 

Though my school and work schedule takes up most of my time, I still do plan to keep up with at least two posts a week. 

” Make a concerted effort this week to lay aside a chunk of time, to really spend some quality time working on the first draft of my book.”


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Goal of the Week 2/12/2017

Hey all, sorry for being absent for a whole month. The first semester of college sure keeps me busy, with not much time for my hobbies. Now that I am a bit more adjusted to the swing of school, I’m going to schedule in some time to try to write a post or two a week. 


“Write two posts this week (I am starting out with something light and easy).”

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Goal of the Week 1-08-2017

Due to a busy week, getting some last minute things done for the new year, I wasn’t able to get too much writing done, and only accomplished 1,000 words instead of 10,000. I am going to extend that goal over into this week.

 “Write 10,000 words of the first draft of my book.”


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Goal of the Week 1/1/2017

After a mind-blowingly busy holiday season that kept me away from my writing chair, I can finally come back to my little, cozy world that I love.

So, here is my very first goal, for the very first week of this brand, new year:

Write 10,000 words for the first draft of my book


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Goal of the Week 12-11-2016

Weekly update: 

On Tuesday, 6th of December, I completed the rough draft of my first book. I have just the overwhelming feeling of euphoria. Though I have a stretch to go to perfect it, the excitement to begin the next steps, motivate me to push on.

And now onto the goal of the week

Complete at least half of the first draft, and come up with a title for the book.