Poetry, Haiku, or Rhymes

The Case of the Flying Shoe

Went for a ride in a flying shoe,

Up, up, up, and a hey didi lee doo.

We flew over the block,

And under a nose shaped rock.

With a hey nonny noo,

Me and the flying shoe.

Gave a “Ho there,” and a “by your leave,”

To a group of pirates celebrating on a midsummer’s eve.


On and on we flew, my shoe and I,

Singing a merry la dee die.

To where a group of hippos pirouetted in tutus,

Followed by cartwheeling toads in muumuus.

To a snowy land we flew,

Where shivering and teeth chattering, I and my shoe.

Saw penguins tap dancing, row upon row,

While the polar bears, with flutes, kept time on ice caps below.


We joined in the winter dance, my shoe and me,

Stomping, tapping, and twirling, hey diddly dee.

Till dawn’s first light, we capered quite merrily,

To the beat of the stars’ winter symphony.

Away from the icy ballroom we flew,

Tee da lee dumm, me and my flying shoe.

We went for a visit to Ms. Sarah Tott,

Who had her abode in a large teapot.


She lived with a giraffe named Gregg,

Who wore striped socks on each leg.

He was purple, and wore a checkered bowtie,

And, he was quite prone to weep and mournfully sigh.

Ms. Sarah Tott had stars for eyes,

Merrily, merrily, would they cheekily twinkle.

Her roundness and red cheeks gave an appearance of a large cherry,

(And that’s what she was! Me oh my)

And there was none merrier than she.


After tea and crumpets, my flying shoe and me,

With a toodle pip and hey diddly dee.

Bid a fond farewell to Ms. Sarah and Gregg,

The latter of which, at our departure, sighed most mournfully.

Off into the clouds, we rose and flew,

Me and that splendid, splendid shoe.

Then, as I woke up in my bed, yawning and stretching,

Something at the foot of my bed caught my eye.

One lone shoe, worn and wind-tossed,

Stood there, as if it had been adventuring through the night.


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