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A Random Poem About a Random Mountain

I wrote this poem when I was about 15, and going through a phase of wanting to write Lord of the Rings fan fiction. Thankfully, I got over that bad idea, but I did find this poem that I wrote for it in my old writing files, and I thought that I would share it with you. It didn’t even have a proper title yet.

O’er the thundering sea,

Where sky meets earth,

Where the sun and moon like lovers meet,

And where bird songs are truest sweet.

Oh, Mountains! It is

Thy morning song and eventide lullaby,

That makes us mere mortal beings,

With hope and longing sigh.


Your beauty is unsurpassed,

The majesty of your form lacking a rival,

Nothing more splendid can I compare to you,

You are the queen of all, tis the honest truth.

Many deaths have you seen on your craggy slopes,

Many tears have been shed while in the comfort of your arms,

Pain and suffering have been your misfortune to partake of,

Sadness and misery have replaced where once there was love.

Why do you weep, my darling,

Thou guardest a most sacred place,

Where beauty and life emanate all around you,

Where colors have not yet lost their vibrant hue.




Author of Children's Stories, Bloggess, Book Lover.

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