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Wonderland Dreams

This is a poem about how it feels to lose yourself in the pages of a book


A clock ticks its tock with blithe unconcern,

The sun dapples me; warm freckles of light.

As I open the book on its creaky hinges,

The edges of its pages, beckon me to take flight.

When into its embrace I step,

I am welcomed as an old friend.

As if the world outside these pages were not truly mine,

And rather this one in a book some author penned.

For days, and for hours between,

I am swept away, beyond what I know.

I am spellbound, enchanted by the words written on its pages,

I don’t think I could ever go.

Down a path of starlit dreams,

I will wander for a time.

And, though I wish to remain there forever,

I will return to that world of mine.



Author of Children's Stories, Bloggess, Book Lover.

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