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I Am Young


I am young; my heart still warm with life.

My blood still sweet; not yet bittered by mocking regrets.

Fiercely loyal to those I love; an immeasurable strength of will.

My faith in mankind, hopeful still.

From the shadows, I carefully watch.

A silent observer, I see the minutest detail.

There is more I know than I let on.

Rarely do I fail to miss the goings on.

I am young, yes; but I am aware.

Aware that life must be properly lived.

For life not lived well- one of ardent passion and aliveness,

Has been a life irresponsibly lived.

Youth may own my age

But not the inclination towards inanity.

Common in those just out of adolescence

Taking their beginning steps into adultness.

I open my heart to all of life,

So that I may absorb all of its essence.

You will find no callousness there,

But pure joy there.




Author of Children's Stories, Bloggess, Book Lover.

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